Moloney O'Beirne   Architects

Sustainability is a pressing concern in all new buildings or refurbishments. Careful application of the principles of sustainable design result not only in a building that places a lower burden on the environment, but minimises lifecycle costs to extract the maximum possible value for a client. The Building Energy Rating system has generated a demand for “A-rated” buildings that benefit client and the environment alike.

Moloney O’Beirne take an analytical attitude to sustainability, based on careful consideration of individual building designs. We focus on the form and orientation of buildings to maximise natural lighting and passive solar gain, and emphasise the extensive use of natural ventilation throughout. Sustainable materials (recycled GGBS concrete, renewable hardwoods etc) are favoured to reduce the embodied energy of our buildings.

The most cost-effective way of reducing a building’s energy use and carbon footprint is to reduce its energy demand with a well-designed building fabric. Moloney O’Beirne emphasise the use of highly insulated and well-sealed building exteriors that minimise heat loss through the fabric while providing comfortable, low-energy internal spaces. Our building details are tailored to avoid air leakage and thermal bridges.

A one-size fits all approach to sustainability leads to bad solutions, and the list of available alternative energies are numerous. Moloney O’Beirne work with environmental consultants to produce a bespoke energy mix for each building, harnessing solar power, geothermal energy and other sustainable forms of energy to provide maximum benefit for the building, the users, the client, and the environment as a whole.